Saturday, May 2, 2009

For Maddie Spohr

For over a week now I've been reading, devouring really, everything I can find on the angel I never knew, but feel I did. Seeing her smile, her love for her little white dog (something we would have had in common). I have laughed and cried and laughed again while reading her parents blogs at www.thespohrsaremultiplying and the I am in fact, "just another one of the faceless, namesless people who left comments, donations etc." And while I have read blogs for years, I was finally inspired to write my own. And it's all because of little Maddie story and Heather's amazing writing prowess. Because of reading the blog--all in one sitting--twice because I was that compelled I realized that what people have been telling me for years about getting the pain out there and not bottling it up is really for the best. The amazing attitude the Sporhs have, and the outreaching of support acrross the blogosphere made me realize it's time to be brave, and rethink and relive the pain. And maybe find some of my trademark humor along the way. For that, and for sharing Maddie with the world I want to say a huge thank you to Mike and Heather, as well as yet another nameless, faceless, person on the internet sending heartfelt condolences, virtual hugs for you and Rigby. I made my brand new blog as purple as I could as I learn to do this, my dog is wearing a purple collar daily, and I'm wearing everything purple I own. I watch the flowers fall from the bushes in my front yard (also purple) and I think of Maddie This little girl I never knew touched my heart and my soul.

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